7.1. Planning Stage - Part 01

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7.1.1. Months 1 - 3

  • Local sponsor invites wastewater recycling consultant to determine if the area is suitable for a wastewater recycling facility.
  • Consultant and sponsor together identify a leading local organization to develop the project - company, individual or non-governmental organization.
  • Representatives from the leading organization visit an operating wastewater recycling facility to get introduced to the process of wastewater recycling.
  • Leading organization chosen.
  • Preliminary discussions by leading organization with local authorities to gain approval for project.
  • Wastewater recycling consultant chosen.
  • Project Director chosen and if untrained, takes ten day training to learn general requirements.

Project Director and wastewater recycling consultant together develop:

  • plan to review the existing collection system
  • list of required authority approvals
  • plan for working with water company and municipality
  • workplan & timetable,
  • team members & management structure
  • allocation of workplan responsibilities
  • community involvement program
  • general budget
  • financial reporting structure
  • list of agricultural products and markets in the area
  • list of aquaculture resources and capabilities
  • evaluation of security of possible sites for products
  • draft contracts

Equipment and Materials List for Planning Stage:

  • 100 meters transparent water hose
  • water source near site
  • 300 meters of string
  • wooden stakes
  • 10 meter measuring tape
  • pencils, pens, ruler, triangle, drawing paper
  • log book
  • rubber boots
  • quick test kits for phosphate, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia
  • sterile bottles for pathogens test provided by laboratory
  • timer or wrist watch with second hand
  • camera and film
  • tools to clean site of vegetation
  • spade shovel

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