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29.04.2021 Guest article in the Frankfurter Rundschau: Food in harmony with nature and the environment

Agriculture destroys resources that are essential for future generations. But we can prevent this: with a different, new "organic". A guest article by Michael Braungart from the Hamburg Environmental Institute. Read the full article here (Language: German).




26.03.2021 Scientific investigation of an FFP2 mask

The following are the results of the examination of an FFP2 mask and evaluated graphically. This is an FFP2 mask of Chinese make, which was issued on March 4, 2021 against presentation of a voucher at the Bahnhofsapotheke Hamburg. We did not receive any complaints about this mask (e.g. odor, etc.).

During this investigation, individual substances were identified. While individual concentrations of these substances are relatively low, the total amount of emissions is considerable. Here, it is not possible to evaluate the possible interactions of the pollutants with each other, as there can be different synergetic interactions for each substance, i.e. they can have different effects. To illustrate this: This can be, for example, like the interaction after a combined ingestion of an aspirin tablet plus a glass of red wine. This can then have an interaction that can have the same effect as if you had drunk a whole bottle of red wine.