Guide to wastewater recycling in tropical an subtropical regions.
How to plan, build and operate wastewater recycling facilities in warm climates.


Table of content

1.1. Who this Website is for
1.2. Background to Projects

2.0. What is wastewater recycling?
2.1. Inputs, Processes and Outputs
2.2. Possible Site Configurations
2.3. Different Models for Different Conditions

3.0. What is the financial value of wastewater recycling?
3.1. Fees Charged by State Water Agencies
3.2. Market Values of Products Produced on Site
3.3. Estimated Value of Ecosystems
3.4. Summary Calculations of Costs and Benefits

4.1. Project planning steps - getting started
4.2. Social Requirements
4.3. Financial Requirements
4.4. Preliminary Site Selection and Design

5.1. Designing
5.2. Before starting construction
5.3. Construction components (Part 01)
5.3. Construction components (Part 02)
5.3. Construction components (Part 03)
5.3. Construction components (Part 04)
5.4. Troubleshooting
5.5. Example of site layout

6.1. Process for deciding the type of operations
6.2. Products from operations
6.3. When do operations begin ?
6.4. Before you let wastewater in...
6.5. Water flow sequence
6.6. Pathways for solids
6.7. Components and how they work (Part 01)
6.7. Components and how they work (Part 02)
6.7. Components and how they work (Part 03)
6.8. Wildlife
6.9. Safety on site

7.1. Planning Stage (Part 01)
7.1. Planning Stage (Part 02)
7.1. Planning Stage (Part 03)
7.1. Planning Stage (Part 04)
7.1. Planning Stage (Part 05)
7.2. Construction
7.3. Operations Stage
7.4. List of legal documents
7.5. Community involvement and survey

8.0. Related Links

Who this guide is for:

  • Municipalities under-serviced by water companies
  • State water agencies that fail to meet regulatory standards
  • Farmers who need to improve productivity or reduce waste treatment costs
  • Agro-industries looking for byproducts from waste streams
  • Restaurants, hotels, and other complexes requiring wastewater facilities
  • Pollution control and public health agencies
  • Multilateral development agencies
  • Insurance companies looking to reduce liability of clients for pollution
  • Environmental organizations

This guide explains how to integrate wastewater treatment, recycling, and organic agriculture. It uses information from 'Guide to Wastewater Recycling in Tropical Regions', Hansen & Mulhall published by the European Commission in cooperation with Hamburger Umweltinstitut, O Instituto Ambiental, and Aquasol International Ltd. with experts in Brazil, China, Germany, South Africa, and Mauritius.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a guide only - avoid constructing a wastewater recycling facility without expert help.