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15.01.2021 Article publication: More consumer protection for ingredients in food: No shining example

A warm summer evening, a cozy spot on the terrace and a wonderfully cool drink to go with it - who doesn't immediately think of one of the Germans' favorite cocktails: the Aperol Spritz, delicious served on ice with a slice of lemon or orange.
But what makes this aperitif made of Prosecco, mineral water, ice and Aperol a real cocktail classic? Is it the typical taste of the mixture or rather its shiny orange color that excites so many people?
If you look a little closer and are interested in the ingredients of this cocktail, you will quickly be disappointed, because the manufacturer leaves the consumer largely in the dark about this. More information and consumer protection is urgently needed, because these are so-called azo dyes, which can also cause damage to health.

For this reason, the Hamburg Environmental Institute has taken a closer look at the issue of transparency and health compatibility of ingredients in foods such as Aperol Spritz.
The article was published in the current issue 01-2020 of the science e-journal Wissenswert. The entire issue can be read for free at the following link: Wissenswert 01-2020 (HUI article on pp. 26-28). Language: German.

(General information about Wissenswert is available HERE).




09.03.2020, 19.30h: Lecture & discussion: "Ich zuerst!" (Me first!) by Heike Leitschuh at the Museum of the Future in Lüneburg

09.03.2020, 19.30h, Museum of the Future, Papenstraße 15, 21335 Lüneburg


Heike Leitschuh will give a lecture (with subsequent discussion) on her book "Ich zuerst. Eine Gesellschaft auf dem Ego-Trip" at the Museum of the Future in Lüneburg. The event starts at 19.30 hrs.

"Die Ichlinge" are coming - Does the constant competition threaten our society?

Neo-liberal thinking is damaging our society and is causing solidarity and respect among people to dwindle. More and more people think only about themselves, their careers and their own needs and therefore treat their fellow human beings like the last muck. In politics and the media, the problem is neglected and its full extent has not yet been recognised. So it is high time to rethink and to take countermeasures, both with a different policy and for each and every one of us. Because no one wants to live in a country in which everyone is only himself and only that which is worthwhile counts.

The Hamburg Environmental Institute and the Museum of the Future are looking forward to a inspiring lecture with following discussion and cordially invite you to participate.

Language: German. Further information can be found here.


14.01.2020, 19:30 hrs: Lecture and discussion in the Museum of the Future: "Rettet den Boden!" (Save the soil) by Florian Schwinn

Florian Schwinn will give a lecture on 14 January 2020 on his book "Rettet den Boden! Why we must fight for life under our feet" at the Museum of the Future in Lüneburg. The event starts at 19.30 hrs. Following the lecture, there will be an opportunity for open discussion.

The entrance is free!

We look forward to your visit and a lively debate afterwards!

Tuesday,14.01.2020, 19:30: Museum der Zukunft (Museum of the Future), Papenstraße 15, 21335 Lüneburg

For further information please click here.




18 - 19 September 2019: Cradle to Cradle research meeting, Leuphana University Lüneburg

At the Leuphana University Lüneburg a research meeting on Cradle to Cradle will take place on September 18th and 19th, 2019.

Cradle to Cradle stands for intelligent product design with a focus on biological and technical material cycles, so that anthropogenic waste can be seen not as a problem but as a resource source for future products. Cradle to Cradle represents the application standard for recyclable, sustainable and innovative business models. The event aims to further develop the concept from a scientific perspective. A platform is offered to all students who have gained valuable experience with Cradle to Cradle in project work, research or privately.

Together with industry players, represented by interested companies, the current research and development needs for Cradle to Cradle are to be identified. The event is open to everyone and should highlight the relevant research fields and questions for future research projects through the input of all participants.

Kick-off on 18 September 2019 from 18 - 20 hrs, Universitätsallee 1, 21335 Lüneburg, Lecture Hall 4
19. September 2019 , C2C Slam from 9 - 18 hrs, Universitätsallee 1, 21335 Lüneburg, Lecture hall 4

In case of interest, questions or an informal registration, please contact Professsor Michael Braungart (michael.braungart@leuphana.de or braungart@braungart.com) by September 10, 2019.



Information about Fine Dust


ARD Television documentary  - "Thats why "mudslinger" get the Blue Angel"  

You are at home sitting right in front of a laser printer? ...OMG
Please check out the TV-documentary at ARD-chanel one - Plusminus (German language, only):  http://www.daserste.de/…/blauer-engel-giftige-drucker-100.h… 

Information about Fine Dust


Stiftung nano-Control and HUI at Biennale Architettura 2016 in Venice  

Short cut by Paula Parusel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vD0TK4cPk0 

Fine Dust - Press Release


Fine Dust - Asthma is the most common chronic childhood disease and the biggest health threat that we are constantly exposed to.
While we can actively decide not to smoke or drink alcohol, we cannot protect ourselves from inhaling fine dust. The foundation nano-Control & the Hamburg Environmental Institute at the Biennale Architettura 2016 in Venice: On 20 and 21 August 2016, the Hamburg Environmental Institute is inviting the foundation nano-Control to the exhibition "Celebrating our human footprint" at the Biennale Architettura 2016 in Venice. Various activities and discussions on the subject of "indoor air quality" are planned.
Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, chairman of the Hamburg Environmental Institute: "Fine dust pollution is assault and affects everyone. In Germany on average 20 times more people die due to fine dust exposure than due to traffic accidents". 

More information: http://www.beneficialfootprint.net/  and http://www.beneficialfootprint.net/footprint-for-indoor-air-quality/

Voices from Biennale - Documentation from Beatrice Sonhüter: http://www.beneficialfootprint.net/june-voices-from-the-biennale-architettura-2016-iii/

Stop the Readmission of Glyphosate


The herbicide is proven to be harmful. Residues of Glyphosate are detectable in almost all of our food products.
The Hamburg Environmental Institute demands a licensing stop for this commonly used herbicide.
Currently, the active ingredient Glyphosate and Glyphosate containing products are in the readmission process of the European Union.

A ban of the herbicide products is urgent, because it is the most used herbicide worldwide and humans as well as animals cannot avoid contact. 
Different national and international environmental NGOs, well-known scientific institutes, and different political parties demand the suspension of the license.
The herbicide products are classified as highly problematic and suspected to be carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of World Health Organization (WHO).

See the further information:  
PAN EUROPE: http://www.pan-germany.org/…/Press_release_PAN_Europe_02031…   

or GLOBAL 2000 german/english:

Information about Ocean plastic


Documentary on Bayerisches Fernsehen - "Alles Plastik, alles gut..." (Everything is plastic, everything ok...), German language.
Director: Beatrice Sonhüter

Information about children's toys 


Documentary on ARTE TV - Evening event: "Gift in Kinderspielzeug"


HUI-Assesment of children's toys:
Press release about "Fluffy Ball"

Information about toner and fine dust

In this context: 
HUI Emission study: Off-gasing of everyday products

Weg vom Öl - mehr Umweltbelastung?


Biodiesel, Pflanzenöle, tierische Proteinmehle, Holzkraftwerke, Müllverbrennung, Ersatzbrennstoffe: Sackgasse für echte Kreislaufwirtschaft. Das Koordinationstreffen für Bürgerinitiativen und NGOs fand am im Jahr 2008 im Hause der Patriotischen Gesellschaft, Hamburg, statt.
Informationen zur Veranstaltung