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09.03.2020, 19.30h: Lecture & discussion: "Ich zuerst!" (Me first!) by Heike Leitschuh at the Museum of the Future in Lüneburg

09.03.2020, 19.30h, Museum of the Future, Papenstraße 15, 21335 Lüneburg


Heike Leitschuh will give a lecture (with subsequent discussion) on her book "Ich zuerst. Eine Gesellschaft auf dem Ego-Trip" at the Museum of the Future in Lüneburg. The event starts at 19.30 hrs.

The "Ichlinge" are coming - Does the constant competition threaten our society?

Neo-liberal thinking is damaging our society and is causing solidarity and respect among people to dwindle. More and more people think only about themselves, their careers and their own needs and therefore treat their fellow human beings like the last muck. In politics and the media, the problem is neglected and its full extent has not yet been recognised. So it is high time to rethink and to take countermeasures, both with a different policy and for each and every one of us. Because no one wants to live in a country in which everyone is only himself and only that which is worthwhile counts.

The Hamburg Environmental Institute and the Museum of the Future are looking forward to a inspiring lecture with following discussion and cordially invite you to participate.

Language: German. Further information can be found here.


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