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30.12.2021 Preliminary Activity Report 2021 / Happy New Year!

The HUI has published its preliminary activity report 2021. This can be read here.
We wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!




Invitation to the scientific colloquium Cradle to Cradle on September 30th, 2021 in Lüneburg (hybrid event)

Dear friends of Cradle to Cradle in science!

As you know, the book Cradle to Cradle has been ranked right next to Charles Darwin (The Origin of Species) in the list of the world's pioneering science books. This is a great honor. There have been many awards for the concept, including the Golden Flower of Rheydt, honorary doctorates, and even a C2C new cherry tree variety.

Compared to the scientific foundation of other areas, however, we are at the very beginning. That is why it is necessary to meet from time to time and exchange scientific information about what the state of research is, where there are shortcomings and how Cradle to Cradle science can be further developed in the future.

The program will focus on current work practices but also on issues such as new business models. Social and cultural aspects are represented as well as business and technical issues.

We are looking forward to a large number of participants, also from those who implement Cradle to Cradle in business or administration, as an opportunity to inform themselves about the current status and to share their own work experiences.

About the program:
Due to limited on-site seating, the event will be held online for additional viewers. Zoom credentials for free participation will be available upon prior registration at c2c2021@leuphana.de.
Time frame of the event 9:15 a.m. to approx. 6 p.m.

The programme for the research colloquium is available here. It contains all necessary information for online participation, application for wildcards and the hygiene concept for guests on site.

With best regards,

Welcome to Lüneburg or the net!

Michael Braungart



29.04.2021 Guest article in the Frankfurter Rundschau: Food in harmony with nature and the environment

Agriculture destroys resources that are essential for future generations. But we can prevent this: with a different, new "organic". A guest article by Michael Braungart from the Hamburg Environmental Institute. Read the full article here (Language: German).




26.03.2021 Scientific investigation of an FFP2 mask

The following are the results of the examination of an FFP2 mask and evaluated graphically. This is an FFP2 mask of Chinese make, which was issued on March 4, 2021 against presentation of a voucher at the Bahnhofsapotheke Hamburg. We did not receive any complaints about this mask (e.g. odor, etc.).

During this investigation, individual substances were identified. While individual concentrations of these substances are relatively low, the total amount of emissions is considerable. Here, it is not possible to evaluate the possible interactions of the pollutants with each other, as there can be different synergetic interactions for each substance, i.e. they can have different effects. To illustrate this: This can be, for example, like the interaction after a combined ingestion of an aspirin tablet plus a glass of red wine. This can then have an interaction that can have the same effect as if you had drunk a whole bottle of red wine.